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Finding Home at Arcobaleno Brighton: Where Everyone Belongs

Arcobaleno is an LGBTQ+ café & Gay Bar in Kemptown Brighton.

It is more than just a place to grab a meal or a drink; it's a vibrant space that celebrates diversity, fosters connections and creates a strong sense of community. At Arcobaleno, you're not just a visitor – you're a cherished part of a community that believes in the magic of being yourself.

Step into Arcobaleno, and you'll immediately feel the warmth and acceptance in the air

The atmosphere is inviting, the staff friendly and the energy unmistakable. It's a safe space where people from all walks of life can come together to express themselves authentically, free from judgment.

Arcobaleno is about forging connections and building a tight-knit community. From the moment you step through the door, you're enveloped in a sense of belonging that's as comforting as your favourite blanket. It's a home away from home for the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

It's where diversity isn't just accepted – it's celebrated, cherished and honoured.

The culinary experience at Arcobaleno is nothing short of extraordinary

It's a celebration of the magic of connection through food. We believe that a meal is more than just sustenance – it's an opportunity for souls to intertwine, hearts to be nourished and stories to be shared.

Our talented chefs pour their passion into every dish, resulting in culinary masterpieces that seem to dance on your taste buds. With a deep commitment to sourcing the finest local and seasonal ingredients, we're not only supporting our community but ensuring that every bite bursts with the rich flavours of Malta.

Our themed cocktail menus are gateways to whimsical journeys that could rival the enchantment of Narnia. From the dazzling realm of the Wizard of Oz to the iconic universe of Mean Girls, each sip transports you to a world of magic. And who could forget the enchanting tribute to the timeless melodies of ABBA? These cocktails, meticulously crafted with heart and creativity, aren't just beverages; they're designed to bring a smile to your face and add an extra touch of sparkle to your evenings.

Arcobaleno isn't just about delicious food and drinks

it's a canvas for creativity to flourish. Legendary performances, live music and captivating events cater to various tastes, ensuring everyone finds something that resonates with them. The space becomes a stage for artists, both emerging and established, to showcase their talents and captivate the audience.

In the heart of Arcobaleno lies the belief that every person's story matters

We don't just hire based on skills and experience; we hire based on stories. It's through these stories that we see the essence of an individual, their journey, and their uniqueness. Because we firmly believe that skills can be learned, but it's the story that defines a person's character.

At Arcobaleno, our customers support holds immense value. Their patronage isn't just filling some distant owner's pockets; it's making a direct impact on the LGBTQ+ community. The profits we generate go towards funding the vital work we do at Across Rainbows, enabling us to continue hosting workshops, building a strong sense of community and conducting outreach programs that uplift and empower individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.

Every drink ordered, every dish savoured and every interaction with our team contributes to the success of our LGBTQ+ campaigns and community-building initiatives. It's the foundation upon which we've built our commitment to inclusivity and equality.

By choosing to spend your time and resources with us, you're actively participating in creating a better, more accepting world for everyone. Whether you're enjoying a pint with friends, exploring our diverse menu, or engaging in conversations that matter, you're fueling the momentum of positive change.

Our staff, our customers and our community are what make Arcobaleno more than just a venue; it's an experience. Together, we're making a difference, one interaction at a time, one pint at a time.

In a world that often asks us to blend in, Arcobaleno encourages you to stand out

It's a place where trans, bi, non-binary, lesbian, gay and everyone in between can be themselves without reservation. The space radiates a feeling of acceptance and an unwavering commitment to creating an environment where you can be unapologetically you.

Arcobaleno Brighton is more than a business

it’s an experience. It's where love, authenticity, and enchantment merge to create a space that's not easily forgotten. It's a sanctuary of acceptance, a canvas of shared moments and a stage where the magic of human connection unfolds.

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