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Arcobaleno Gay Bar Kemptown LGBTQ+ Venue Restaurant and Events Space

Welcome & Bongu


Arcobaleno is a truly unique establishment where diversity, connection, and community are at the forefront of everything we do. Arcobaleno transcends the role of a mere bar or café; it's a sanctuary, a haven of acceptance that embraces the beautiful tapestry of human identities.

Our Maltese-inspired menu and crafted cocktails are culinary delights; they're a celebration of culture and a voyage of flavours that bring people together. It's about more than the food; it's about the shared experience that leaves a mark on your heart.

Arcobaleno's commitment to inclusivity and amplifying voices sets us apart. Here, everyone is not just welcomed; they're celebrated. We believe in creating a space where every individual, regardless of who they love, how they identify, or any other aspect, feels valued and respected.

Our vibrant performances are legendary, igniting the stage with diverse acts that mirror the beautiful mosaic of the LGBTQ+ community. It's a testament to our dedication to showcasing talent that deserves the spotlight, giving a stage to those whose voices may not have been heard otherwise.

And our impact goes beyond the walls of our establishment. We reach out to the broader community, fostering meaningful connections and celebrating diversity through our events and programs. We're breaking down barriers, empowering individuals to be themselves, and giving them the platform they deserve.

Through providing employment opportunities, we stand as a symbol of support for the LGBTQ+ community and allies. We believe in being an agent of change, both within our walls and in the world outside.

In the heart of our journey lies a simple but powerful goal: to inspire positivity, acceptance, and a profound sense of belonging. As we continue this journey, we recognise the invaluable role our patrons, our community, and our mission play in creating a better, more inclusive world for everyone.


Together, we build bridges, celebrate differences and leave a lasting impact on the lives we touch.

Arcobaleno LGBTQ+ Gay Bar Kemptown Events Venue Brighton


Conscious of the growing mental health crisis among the LGBTQ+ population and a widespread sense of isolation, Luciana and son Nick decided to come up with a solution.


In March 2020, the pair founded Across Rainbows, a community outreach group aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ people to unearth and embrace their true selves.


They set their sights on opening a bricks-and-mortar home that would embody the group’s philosophy — a place synonymous with openness, non-conformity, and celebration of self.

Visit Us at Arcobaleno

Join us in Kemptown for an ever-changing calendar of workshops, mental well-being sessions, live music, poetry events, drag nights, book launches, performances by local talents, art and fashion shows, and more - a little slice of everything.


We’re open all of the day and most of the night, whether you’re after a morning coffee made with love, a lunchtime bite with friends, or an after-work cocktail with a kick.


You can find us brightening up the heart of Kemptown at 120 St George’s Road, Brighton, BN2 1EA.

Arcobaleno Gay Bar Kemptown LGBTQ+ Brunch Cafe
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