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Sounds Of Arcobaleno: Country Flair at Arcobaleno's Live Music Thursdays!

The Hoe Down Hunnies are unlike anything you've ever experienced. Fronted by two incredibly talented drag queens, the Hoe Down Hunnies are not your average country band – they are the country band redefined.

With their unique blend of raw country charm and the glitz of drag entertainment, we've created an electrifying and unforgettable live music experience that has the audience on it’s feet.

Last night marked Hoe Down Hunnies third public performance, and did they slay!

Yes, a few notes might have gone astray, the tempo may have quickened unexpectedly, and the singers might have lost their footing momentarily – but isn't that the essence of live music? The unexpected moments that remind us of the human spirit behind the melodies.

Behind the scenes, the Hoe Down Hunnies have poured their hearts and souls into creating this amazing evening of Live country music. Hours of hard work, rehearsals and a mere three weeks to learn new songs and arrangements – talk about dedication! But beyond their commitment to their art, they're fuelled by something even more potent – Queerability.

So, what exactly is Queerability?

At Arcobaleno and Across Rainbows, we believe Queerability radiates power. It's the innate strength that resides within

every queer individual. It's what drives us to take the stage, to believe in ourselves when the world might not, and to channel our unique experiences into expressions of joy and love. Queerability is about embracing individuality and turning it into a wellspring of creativity and resilience – a force that shapes a world that's authentic and unapologetically true to who we are.

In the grand symphony of Arcobaleno's offerings, from the sultry Jazz nights to the soulful Blues sessions, the immersive Cinema nights, the electrifying soundscapes of the Electric night, and the twang and spirit of the Country night, the Sounds of Arcobaleno are as diverse and vibrant as the community it celebrates.

As proud supporters of emerging talent, Arcobaleno provides a platform for artists to shine, to express their Queerability, and to embrace their extra and campy sides.

So, every Thursday, make your way to Arcobaleno's Live Music event.
It's more than music; it's a celebration of authenticity, individuality and the unbreakable spirit of the LGBTQ+ community.
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