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Iconic Maltese Dishes at Arcobaleno

The island of Malta, nestled in the Mediterranean, offers breath-taking landscapes and historical sites. Malta’s cuisine is a reflection of the country's vibrant history, a testament to the various Mediterranean cultures that have left their mark over centuries.

Maltese cuisine is a true melting pot of influences – from the ancient Phoenicians to the Romans, Arabs, and Normans. These diverse cultures have woven a rich tapestry of flavours that characterize the island's identity. The fusion of Sicilian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and North African elements creates a symphony of taste on your plate.

The essence of Maltese cuisine lies in its simplicity, celebrating the flavours of locally-sourced ingredients. Dishes like "Fenkata" (rabbit stew) and "Pastizzi" (savoury pastries) are not just culinary delights, but echoes of a history that's deeply intertwined with tradition and community.

In Malta, food is a means of connecting with one another.

Just as Arcobaleno serves as a space for connections within the LGBTQ+ community, Maltese cuisine brings people together to create cherished memories. The shared joy of breaking bread transcends boundaries and bridges differences, much like the spirit of inclusivity and unity that Arcobaleno embodies.

iconic Maltese dishes we serve at Arcobaleno

Pastizzi: Flaky Pockets of Joy

Layers of flaky pastry that lovingly hug a surprise filling of either creamy ricotta cheese or mushy peas. These little pockets of deliciousness are not only a Maltese street food staple but also an instant mood lifter.

Timpana: Pasta Drama at Its Best

If pasta were a theatre production, Timpana would be the star of the show. Imagine a pasta-filled sensation with a golden crust and a heart full of Bolognese sauce, eggs and maybe even a surprise hard-boiled egg or two. It's like a pasta pie party in your mouth!

Malta Ftira: Sandwich Toasty Traditions

What's a sandwich without a little history? Fresh bread, ripe tomatoes, tuna, capers, olives and a drizzle of olive oil. It's not just a sandwich; it's a fusion of flavours that tells a story of the island's culinary evolution.

Maltese Scrambled Eggs with a Twist – Balbuljata

Balbuljata is Maltese breakfast love on a plate, served with pride and often accompanied by a side of crusty bread. It's a reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest moments, that food is more than sustenance—it's a connection to the land, to the people and to the stories that make a place truly special.

Kinnie: A Sweet Sip of Tradition

Imagine a blend of local herbs, like sage and thyme, gently steeped to perfection. It's like a hug from your Maltese grandma in a cup! Whether you're winding down after a day of sightseeing or catching up with friends, Kinnie is the perfect companion. So take a sip, close your eyes, and let the flavours transport you to the heart of Malta's tranquillity.

So, as you sit down at Arcobaleno to enjoy a meal infused with Maltese flavours, remember that it's not just about the food; it's about the stories, the traditions and the shared joy that come with each bite.

Take a moment to appreciate the history that has shaped this cuisine and the culture that has nurtured it. Bon appétit, or as they say in Malta, "L-Ikla T-Tajba!"

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